Fall 2023

Greetings from Rosebay Nursery,

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful early fall weather.  We have been experiencing cooler temps and they are always a pleasure.  And it has rained here today, only ¼”, but so welcomed.

The weather has been a challenge this year.  We suffered a long drought in mid April through July when our plants grow.  And it is still very dry.  We worked extra hard to keep everything watered and growing well and most of the plants did fine.   That said, plants growing in the open field did not grow as lush as usual. Consequently, our inventory is not as plentiful as in the past.  Unfortunately Nova zemblas are in very short supply.  We will do our best to fill your orders but you may want to consider trying something new.

Other plants thrived in those conditions:

Pieris are doing great!  They grew well and the bud set is very good.  We have 5 varieties in various sizes.  Although it isn’t listed on the price list, we do have some smaller Brouwer’s Beauty available too.

Azalea Poukhanese are lush and well budded.  They are a showy pink flowering shrub and very hardy, a favorite in Chicago.  See them with Lucci in a photo below.

Wyandanch Pink & Nantucket – 2 large leaf pink varieties are looking good.

Teddy Bear, Dorothy Swift and Pana all Yakushimanum hybrids did nicely.

Extremely large Maximum roseums, honestly I’m not sure how we can get those out.  See photo below.

We worked hard but also had a lot of fun.  Our friendly crew worked well together and made the challenges we faced so much easier.  I’m thankful to have good folks working here!

Please take a look at the Availability List on this website and send in your order to Becky as soon as possible.  You may call, email or mail your wish list.  We will do our best to fill it.  And as always, Rosie (RIP) has the last word “Get your orders in early.  I don’t like freezing my patootie off trying to finish in the cold.”

All the best,

Linda, Lucci, David, Becky and all the Crew

The largest plant we have grown so far. Maximum roseum.