Fall 2022


It seems like I am always complaining about the weather, but this growing season was a good one. I can’t believe I just wrote that! When you consider all the extreme weather events in other parts of the country, I am grateful to live and grow plants in Michigan. It’s a great state!

Our plants liked the weather too. We have a nice crop of Rhododendron and Pieris and the bud set is good. Once again we are short on Roseum elegans in the 30” – 36” – 42” – 48” sizes. We keep growing them but somehow they disappear quickly. We will do our best to fill your order, flexibility being a key concept here. Please let me know if I can recommend some substitutes.

On another note, I am sad to announce that after 35 years Lazaro is leaving us. He has been a big part of Rosebay Nursery’s success and he will be greatly missed. Not only has he been a dedicated, loyal employee, but also, as foreman he has been a wonderful role model for others. Always patient and kind, he has told each new employee, “Always come to work with a smile and think, how can I do this job better.” I can’t imagine better advice! We wish Lazaro all the best; he deserves it!

We are very fortunate to have found another very capable person to take Lazaro’s place. Our Co Forewoman, Lucina has enlisted her son David to take Lazaro’s position. David is young, talented and enthusiastic and we are thrilled to have him working alongside of Lazaro and learning from the “Master.” He is a quick study, so we will be in good hands. Welcome David and many thanks to Lazaro for giving us a year’s notice!

Our inventory is finished and the Availability List is on our website so please take a look and send in your order to Becky as soon as possible. You may call, email or mail your wish list. (Please do not fax as it is no longer available). We will do our best to fill it. As our dear Rosie (RIP) always reminded us “Get your orders in early. I don’t like freezing my patootie off trying to finish in the cold.”

All the best,
Linda, Lazaro, David, Lucci, Becky and all the Crew

Photo of the Rosebay Nursery crew amongst plants