Fall 2020

Greetings from Rosebay Nursery,

What a crazy year 2020 has been! I hope this finds you healthy and your business prospering. It seems like everyone has discovered the joys of gardening during this pandemic; a boon to growers, garden centers and landscapers alike. I feel very fortunate at this point… although who knows when we will be back to “normal.”

Is anything normal? So far 2020 has been a warmer than usual season (new normal, I believe) starting with a mild winter, thankfully a very slow warm up in the spring and then to the dreaded hot, dry, sunny summer. We watered a lot!!! Our plants grew fast and set loads of flower buds.

As I mentioned last year, we have phased out our deciduous azaleas to make room for more Pieris. We now have 5 beautiful Pieris hybrids that range from compact the Pieris Cavatine (pincushion type) to the massive Pieris Brouwer’s Beauty (up to 6′ tall and wide) with some mid-size ones as well. I love this Genus! They are very showy for months – with their fragrant blooms lasting up to 4 weeks followed by colorful new growth (apricot to deep red). That is a lot of bang for your buck! They have the same soil requirements as Rhododendrons and need a protected spot to thrive.

Our inventory is finished, the Availability List is on our website, so please take a look and send us your order soon. We are doing our best but some plants have limited quantities.

PLEASE NOTE: WE NO LONGER HAVE A FAX LINE! You may call, mail, email, drop off or text us your order wish list. I’ll do my best to fill your order. Rosie wants to remind everyone “Get your orders in early. I don’t like to freezing my patootie trying to finish in the cold.”

Warm regards,
Linda, Becky, Lazaro & the Crew